LED videowall screen rental Salón Náutico Barcelona 2022

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LED videowall screen rental Salón Náutico Barcelona 2022

Outdoor LED video wall p3.9 screen rental for the Boat Show 2022.
Rental of outdoor tactile totem for the 2022 Boat Show.
Truss and lighting rental for the 2022 Boat Show.
We are a company specialised in the assembly of LED wall screens with great experience and we offer you a LED screen rental service that includes the transport, assembly and start-up of all the technological components necessary for its correct operation.

Outdoor LED wall screen rental is ideal for all types of outdoor installations, as they can be installed in entertainment areas such as building facades, sports facilities, mobile advertising vehicles,

You can rent outdoor LED screens for sporting events such as tennis championships, popular races, motorbikes, cycling, also for shopping centres, fairs, concerts, rallies, or all kinds of events.

LED screens allow you to create displays that adapt to your needs thanks to their modular structure, allowing you to create different shapes both vertically and horizontally, even separating them and can also be placed in different ways: on the ground, hanging from trusses or embedded in walls, etc.

Renting LED screens for events, promotions or performances, means giving a quality boost to your marketing actions. We know very well the great impact of a LED wall screen, we have great experience and that is why we guarantee spectacular results that will surprise the audience.
LED screens are an element of great added value in a sporting event, both outdoors and indoors they are a great window to enjoy the best plays, replays, sponsors or the subsequent celebration. Every detail is very important in a live sporting event.

The most advanced technology

We have large outdoor LED wall screens of the latest generation with a p3.9 pitch and we have different sizes, qualities and characteristics.

The difference between indoor and outdoor LED screens lies in the high degree of ambient light, whether it is direct sunlight outdoors or indoor light at concerts, trade fair stands or large stages with spectacular lighting. Therefore, the characteristics are not only waterproof but also the power of the LEDs, reaching up to quadruple its light output.

In addition, our mobile LED rental screens can be easily transported, assembled and disassembled. From trade shows and festivals to indoor and outdoor sporting events, renting an outdoor LED wall screen will turn your event into a visual experience that everyone will remember.

The rental of an outdoor LED wall screen can be complemented with the rental of professional sound and lighting equipment, which will make your event an unforgettable experience.


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